Understanding LinkedIn company page access

Key takeaway

  • Verify Admin Status: Ensure you have admin access for full page management.
  • Access Admin View: Use your personal account to switch to admin view on your company page.
  • Engage and Analyze: Leverage admin tools to post content, engage with followers, and analyze page performance.

LinkedIn company page access is an essential component for effective management and growth of a company’s online presence. Whether you are a LinkedIn admin, super admin, or simply an administrator, understanding the various roles and access levels is crucial for successful page management. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of LinkedIn admin access, including how to give access to a company page, the different roles and responsibilities of a super admin, and how to access the super admin view on LinkedIn.

What are the levels of LinkedIn company page access?

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Super Admin

Super Admins wield the highest level of control over the LinkedIn company page. This role encompasses full editing rights, including the ability to add or remove other admins, edit company information, and manage all aspects of the page. Super Admins can also view page analytics, create and sponsor content, and access LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager for advertising purposes.

Content Admin

Content Admins are tasked with creating and managing the content on your LinkedIn page. While they don’t have the extensive permissions of a Super Admin, Content Admins can post updates, articles, and photos, and also sponsor content to enhance reach. They have access to analytics related to the content they manage, enabling them to gauge the effectiveness of their posts.


Analysts have view-only access to the LinkedIn company page and its analytics. This role is ideal for team members or stakeholders who need to monitor page performance and gather insights without the need to post content or make administrative changes.

Paid Media Admins specialize in managing advertising campaigns through the LinkedIn company page. They can create and sponsor content, set up and manage LinkedIn ad campaigns, and view related analytics. This role is crucial for businesses looking to leverage LinkedIn’s advertising tools to reach a broader audience.

Specifically designed for agencies or third parties who manage sponsored content on behalf of the company, this role allows for the creation and sponsorship of content without providing full access to the company page or its analytics.

How do I grant access to my LinkedIn company page?

Granting access to your LinkedIn company page allows you to designate roles to team members, enabling them to manage various aspects of the page, from content creation to analytics review. Here’s a step-by-step guide to simplify this process:

First, ensure you’re logged into your personal LinkedIn account with administrative rights to the company page. Go to your LinkedIn company page by selecting it from the ‘Me’ dropdown menu or by searching for your company in the LinkedIn search bar.

Access Admin Tools

On your company page, look for the “Admin Tools” dropdown menu, typically located at the top right corner of your page. Click on it to find the “Page Admins” or “Manage Admins” option. LinkedIn might update these terms, so look for the option that suggests administrative management.

Select Admin Role

LinkedIn offers different admin roles, each with specific permissions – Super Admin, Content Admin, Analyst, and Paid Media Admin. Decide which role you want to assign to the new admin based on the responsibilities they’ll handle.

Add Admins

In the admin settings, you’ll find an option to add new admins. You can do this by typing the name of the person you wish to add in the provided field. It’s important that the individual is a first-degree connection on LinkedIn for you to add them as an admin.

Assign and Save

After selecting the individual and assigning the appropriate role, ensure you save the changes. The new admin will receive a notification about their role on your LinkedIn company page, and they’ll be able to start performing their assigned duties immediately.

Review and Update Regularly

It’s good practice to regularly review the list of individuals with administrative access to your page. Roles and responsibilities can evolve, and keeping your admin list updated ensures your page is managed efficiently.


Effectively managing your LinkedIn company page begins with understanding how to access it as an admin. This crucial step unlocks the ability to actively shape your brand’s narrative, engage with your target audience, and glean insights from analytics to guide your strategy on the platform. By ensuring you have the correct admin permissions and familiarizing yourself with the admin view and its functionalities, you set the stage for a dynamic and impactful LinkedIn presence. Whether you’re posting the latest company news, analyzing engagement metrics, or updating your company information, having admin access is the key to leveraging LinkedIn’s full potential for your business.


  1. What are the levels of access on a LinkedIn company page?

    LinkedIn Company Pages offer several levels of access: Super Admin, Content Admin, Curator, Analyst, and Paid Media Admin. Each role has specific permissions ranging from posting content to viewing analytics and managing ads.

  2. How do I grant access to my LinkedIn company page?

    To grant access, navigate to your LinkedIn company page, click on the “Admin tools” dropdown at the top right, and select “Manage admins.” Choose the type of admin you want to add, search for the person by name, and then click “Save Changes.”

  3. Why can’t I access my LinkedIn business page?

    Inability to access your LinkedIn business page may be due to not being an admin, the page being deleted or restricted by LinkedIn, or potential issues with your LinkedIn account. Confirm your admin status and check for any notifications or restrictions from LinkedIn.

  4. How do i access my LinkedIn company page as an admin?

    To access as an admin, go to the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, select your company page under “Manage,” and you will be taken to the admin view of your page. Ensure you have admin rights to view and manage the page in this capacity.

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