Precision-Targeted LinkedIn Ads Drive 3PL Service Growth

Explore our case study where targeted LinkedIn ads and personalized creatives dramatically boosted a 3PL service provider’s reach and conversions. See how strategic, account-based targeting can lead to substantial business growth.


Low Engagement Rates

The client’s LinkedIn ads were not effectively capturing the attention of their target audience. This was evident in the lack of meaningful interactions, such as likes, comments, and shares, which are crucial for building brand presence and credibility on the platform.

Minimal Conversion Rates

More critically, the ads were failing to convert views into tangible business inquiries or leads. This was a pressing concern as the primary aim of the LinkedIn presence was to generate business and not just brand awareness.

Undifferentiated Market Positioning

In the bustling world of 3PL services, standing out on LinkedIn was a challenge. The client’s ad creatives and copy were not sufficiently differentiated to cut through the noise and resonate with their target audience.

Targeting Challenges

 The client faced difficulties in reaching the right decision-makers. Their existing ad strategy was not adequately refined, leading to a broader, less effective reach that failed to engage key industry players.


Account-Based Targeting for Relevance

We implemented a targeted approach, focusing on account-based targeting to ensure the ads reached decision-makers and influencers within the 3PL sector. This involved identifying and targeting specific companies, job titles, and industry segments that were most likely to benefit from the client’s services.

Persona-Resonant Creatives and Copy

The ad creatives were redesigned to resonate more effectively with the identified personas. We focused on visuals and messaging that spoke directly to the challenges and needs of these targeted professionals, ensuring that every ad felt relevant and engaging to the audience.

Strategic Copywriting Aligned with Audience Needs

The ad copy was meticulously crafted to align with the pain points, interests, and professional goals of the target audience. Each message was designed to be compelling, clear, and directly relevant to the specific needs of potential clients in the 3PL industry.

Continuous Monitoring and Refinement of Targeting Parameters

We continuously monitored the campaign’s performance, making real-time adjustments to the targeting parameters. This ensured that the ads were consistently reaching the most relevant and responsive segments of the LinkedIn audience.



01/ Increased Impressions and Clicks

Achieved a total of 362,369 impressions and 2,131 clicks over three months, indicating a significant increase in reach.

02/ Improved Conversion Rate

Attained a total of 87 conversions, with an overall conversion rate of 4.08%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the targeted approach.

03/ Successful Top Campaigns

The ‘Website Visits’ campaign emerged as the most successful, generating 62 conversions with a conversion rate of 6.18%.

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